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Plant  Look After Us, If We Look After Them

Project List

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March 23, 2017

Green Mission Movement

The Green Mission Movement seeks to create "green consciousness" and build pride in the younger generation for being actors of environmental conservation by giving them due to the recognition of their participation.

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Apirl 14, 2019

Harit Ghar

To make every home “Harit Ghar” to achieve Environmental sustainability and promote Environmental Conservation. To promote importance of “Harit Ghar” and provide technical support to achieve it.

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January 14, 2017

Women  Empowerment 

Creating an environmentally-conscious society.

Generate awareness about the environment among women. Implementing environmentally complementary options for Harit Ghar.

Accelerating environmental protection programs with women organizations.

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July 09, 2019

Cloth Bag Distribution 

In order to make people aware, our organization distributes the cloth bag to the people free of cost And make aware of their better use to save Marines animals and #Polythene_Mukt_Bharat

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December  05, 2012

Plantation, awareness program

To bring together people, experts, institutions and interested people who want to work in the field of forestry.
Consolidate and encourage tree plantation efforts. Connecting people about tree planting by training. Awakening across the country for tree plantation.

Image by Luke Lung

April 08, 2021

Talk Show 

#Mission_green_foundation associated with ICMEI and bring together world biggest environmental talk show with Spirituality and Environmentalist get a chance to interact.

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