Mission Green

M o v e m e n  t

Millions of families in America go hungry every year. Help us provide them with enough to eat. 

The Green Mission Movement seeks to create "green consciousness" and build pride in the younger generation for being actors of environmental conservation by giving them due to the recognition of their participation.

Our inexperienced college Movement seeks to make "green consciousness" and build pride within the younger generation for being actors of environmental conservation by giving them due recognition of their participation.

For the idea of environmental place to possess a robust foundation, it has to be tackled at the elemental level. Establishing environmental information in kids builds this foundation and creates subsequent generation of ecologically aware people that may be a lot of tuned in to trees and also the role they play in everyone’s lives

Combining the need for practical, hands-on environmental education and the availability of an already established government program, the Green School Movement was conceptualized by Project Mission green and is being implemented in hundreds of schools each year in association with the Haryana Education Department.

A unique feature of the program is the inclusion of children from middle school and higher secondary standards for distributing and planting saplings. This means that apart from MGF students, all the children in the school of age group eleven to seventeen have the opportunity to get involved in tree plantation.

The saplings grown in schools are planted on the school premises and distributed to local residents and nearby residential locations for planting. The ownership of the trees is transferred to the local community who ensure the survival of the saplings.